To all the graduates of the first Armenian High School in the U.S.A.  Much has been given to you by so many, so much is expected of you.  I know you can.  God bless you. -- Gabriel Injejikian

This picture was taken at the Armens's 40th Anniversary Banquet.
That's Harry Vorperian with Coach Varant.  One of the alumni girls designed and gave him that T-shirt as a thank you for doing the Armens logo in 1984.

2008 Senior Class Lunch organized by the FAA

2008 Senior Class Lunch organized by the FAA

2007 Alumni Games - Girls Teams

2007 Alumni Games - Alice Vartabedian and Oryort Hourig

2007 Alumni Games - Mr. and Mrs. Arshagouni

2007 Alumni Games - Crowd


Alumni were asked about how Ferrahian impacted their lives.


“I spent my whole life here. It set me up for college. Coach “V” made me study hard.”

– Andrew Vartanian (Class of 2005)


“I found my husband, Hratch, at this school and will send my kids here one day.

Sanan Bardakjian (Class of 2002)


“It has been a great experience. When I came here from Toronto in 1985, I had never attended an Armenian school so it was culture shock. Ever since then, it has shaped my life. I married an alumni, my kids come here, and I am loyal to my coach.”

Joe Titizian (Class of 1987)


“Considering that all of my kids are coming here, it has greatly impacted my life.”

Liza Samuelian (Class of 1982)


“I stayed in the school because of the Armenian environment and the great sports program.”

Lena Berghoudian (Class of 2005)


“For four years, the school prepared me for college. The curriculum and teachers allowed me to get accepted into UCLA. I would not be here today if I didn’t care about Ferrahian.”

Anie Aklian (Class of 2007)